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  • Welcome to Care & Share Learning Academy

    A Gold Seal Quality Preschool and Afterschool Care Program

    At Care and Share Learning Academy we provide a quality, educational, preschool experience for young children. We provide a safe and caring environment for the children in our care.  Every day is filled with learning opportunities taught in a playful yet effective way that makes learning fun. We strive to give our children the tools needed to excel in life both academically and socially. Our teachers are highly qualified and they take pride in what they do because they believe in our children. We keep our children to staff ratios low in order to provide a more individualized care for each and every child. We consider our children and their families as part of our family and strive to be respectful and understanding at all times.

    We are nationally accredited through NAC, the National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs, and is a holder of the Florida Gold Seal of Excellence certificate.

    • Children Safety

      A safe and secure environment for your child so parents can have peace of mind.

    • Early Education

      Apart from providing care for your child we provide a comprehensive age appropriate curriculum to develop your child’s skills.

    • Friendly Place

      A friendly environment for the children as well as the parents.

    • Healthy Meals

      Healthy catered hot meals are provided for breakfast, lunch and snack and is included in the tuition.

    • Flexible Hours

      We offer flexible hours to fit the parents schedules.

    • Qualified Teachers

      All our teachers have training in childcare and lead teachers have the highest level of training possible.

  • Our Classes

    Our preschool program has six dedicated classes
  • We provide six classes with nine to twenty children each aged twelve month to five years of age.

  • Each preschool class has an age appropriate curriculum. The afterschool class provides homework assistance and participate in enrichment programs.

    • Crawlers
      Class name
      • 6
        Weeks to
      • 16
        Class size
      • 12
    • Explorers
      Class name
      • 12-24
        Month olds
      • 9
        Class size
    • Adventurers
      Class name
      • 2-3
        Year olds
      • 12
        Class size
    • Navigators
      Class name
      • 3-4
        Year olds
      • 15
        Class size
    • Inventors
      Class name
      • 4-5
        Year olds
      • 20
        Class size
    • After School
      Class name
      • 5-12
        Year Olds
      • 15
        Class size
  • Contact Us

    Our postal address and contact details
    • Postal Address

      Care & Share Learning Academy
      5336 N University Drive
      Lauderhill FL 33351

    • Phone & E-mail

      Phone: 954-578-7495
      Fax: 954-746-7481

    • Business Hours

      Monday – Friday
      6:45 am – 6:00 pm
      Weekend Closed

    • Sessions

      Mornings, 6:45 am – 12 noon
      Afternoons, 1 pm – 6 pm
      Full Day, 6:45 am – 6 pm